Meet the team



Roy Wesenhagen

Marketing & Business Developer


Rosemarie Bernasco

Senior Trainee


Ligia Sheikmoesti



Josephine Belloni

Social Media Specialist


Your creative agency for Social Change!

Change driven through the development of Social and Circular high impact Concepts and Services. That’s what has driven us in our commitment to realize better and more sustainable living and working environments. We believe that delivering unique and value added experiences are a necessity to improve the quality of life.  It’s also a manner in which you can distinguish your products and/or services.




Everything we do in society evolves around people. Thus we look at how we can improve what people experience in life. Whether this is an online or offline experience or a combination of both. What’s important is that we look and develop programs for people while keeping the longterm impact in mind. What we learned is that the recent pandemic has emphasized the perceived value and attention of what we require. We use these objectives while we develop or enhance a concept, policy, product or experience. 



Our planet is the mother of all creations. Therefore we enjoy creating concepts that not only impact our individual lives. But also our global and local environment. Through the development of Social and Circular high-impact Experiences. google-site-verification=SD7IniYwzlPeBbVSeLWAYhxCO5WXEuWnXdL0DENGqFw



Everybody wants to contribute to a better living environment. Whether you’re a Business, Governmental Agency or a Charitable Foundation.
We all work at finding solutions that provide “quality of life” benefits and profits to all parties involved.



Fields of Expertise


 Brand, Business and Policy Development

 Social Diversity Concept en Strategy Development

Social Engagement | Participation Program Development

Social and Circular Impact Concept and Strategy Development 

 Health Promotion, Social Influence and Wellbeing Concepts and Strategies 

 Event management for Health Promotion, Social and Circular Impact